Sunday, 26 June 2011

conning the electorate

Came across the following cartoon today;

It's funny, but also misleading, maybe even intentionally so!

It implies that voting for either of 2 parties which are both corporate controlled, will make any real difference!

And that's how the status quo is maintained.

The poor and the elderly and the minorities may all feel disenfranchised, but if they believe that voting makes any real difference, they grumble along hoping that maybe this time, their vote will change their plight.

Real change will only come about if enough people see that we live in a corporate controlled world, and that the scarcity issues we face, are all the result of greed and corruption.
It's no good voting out one set of greedy and corrupt politicians, only for them to be replaced by another set.

Who can we vote for?
If you ran for office, would you be free of greed and corruption?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

it's as simple as this

We are all biological computers.

We've been programmed from birth, with information and experience.
Much of that information is false. It's bad data.
Some of it is easily remedied, like Santa and the tooth fairy.
Some keeps people caught in confusion 'til the day they die.
e.g. Self Image, God, Religion, Flat Earth, Nationalism, Racism, Superstition etc.

The fact that we are just biological computers is not easy to hear for people who want to think of themselves as more.
This wanting to think of themselves as more is all part of the self-image bad data.

Once the bad data is seen for what it is, it stops having the effect it had before.
Now the biological computer is able to live without that bad data.
As the quality of data improves, the quality of the decisions being made improves.
The possibility of living a healthy sustainable life become greater.

Of course there are many obstacles.
Most of the biological computers are caught in bad data.
Some of them are so aberrated that they will destroy their own life support systems for short term pleasures.
Some of them are so aberrated that they will kill others over an error in data.
Some of them are so aberrated that they kill themselves.

The good news is that some of them are now functioning without the bad data.
They function very efficiently as they are not running bad data.
They can use the internet to spread information about the bad data, so that others can also be free of that bad data.
This blog is an example of this.


There's a thought; "there's a monster in my wardrobe".
Fear arises; the body feels tense and shaky.
Thought arises; "is there really a monster in there? Should I check? What if I check and there is!"
On and on thought spins.
Fear increases; she leaves the room, unable to bear the fear.
Sometime later she enters the room again and quickly locks the wardrobe.
"Now it can't get out."
She tries to sleep, but images of monsters flood in.
Sleep is fitful and short-lived.

Next morning feeling a wreck, a friend notices and says "what happened to you?"
She tells the story.
Friend rushes upstairs and unlocks the wardrobe and throws open the door.
No monster anywhere to be seen.
"This is what thought can do" the friends says.
"Thought can throw up anything, the question that needs to be asked is, 'is it true?'"

To be continued........